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Togo 2023 Scott Catalogue Pages 89-132

Togo 2023 Scott Catalogue Pages 89-132

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2023: Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue
Volume 6B: Countries of the World Thai-Z
Released: SEPTEMBER 2022
Volume 6B
Pages 89-132

1897 to 2012
1897 #1 3pf dark brown to 2012 #2089 Togo China Relations


German Protectorate, 1897-1917

French Mandate, 1921-1956

Republic of Togo, 1957-Publication

Listings Include:

  • Postage Stamps
  • Semi-Postal Stamps
  • Air Post Stamps
  • Air Post Semi-Postal Stamps
  • Postage Due Stamps
  • Official Stamps

Basic Facts:

  • Western Africa
  • Republic
  • German Protectorate of Togo occupied by France and Great Britain in World War 1
  • British Area become Ghana
  • 1956 French Area granted autonomy
  • 1958 Independence
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