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Southern Rhodesia 2023 Scott Catalogue Pages 459-462

Southern Rhodesia 2023 Scott Catalogue Pages 459-462

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2023: Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue
Volume 6A: Countries of the World San-Tete
Released: SEPTEMBER 2022
Volume 6
Southern Rhodesia
Pages 459-462

1924 to 1964
1924 #1 1/2p dark green to 1964 #108 l1 Arms

Southern Rhodesia

British Colony, 1923-1953

Self Governing Colony,1964

Listings Include:

  • Postage Stamps
  • Postage Due Stamps

Basic Facts:

  • Southeastern Africa
  • British Colony
  • Prior to 1900 managed by the British South Africa Company
  • A colony created that year 1963 Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia Nyasaland form the federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
  • 1963 Federation Dissolves Southern Rhodesia again becomes self governing
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