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Romania SHORT 2023 Scott Catalogue Pages 261-396

Romania SHORT 2023 Scott Catalogue Pages 261-396

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2023 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue
Volume 5B Countries of the World Pit-Sam
Released August 2022
Romania SHORT
Pages 261-396

1858 to 2021
1858 #1 27 pa blk, rose to 2021 #6670 Romanian Kings

Missing the Last Page
Please read the description!

Listings Include:

  • Postage Stamps
  • Semi-Postal Stamps
  • Air Post Stamps
  • Air Post Semi-Postal Stamps
  • Postage Due Stamps
  • Official Stamps
  • Parcel Post Stamps
  • Postal Tax Stamps
  • Postal Tax Due Stamps

Listings Not Included
Page 397:

Occupation Stamps


  • Austrian Occupation 1917-1918 PARTIAL
  • Bulgarian Occupation 1916
  • German Occupation 1917-1918

Romanian Post Offices in the Turkish Empire


Also Includes:

Occupation Stamps PARTIAL

  • Austrian Occupation 1917-1918 PARTIAL
  • Bulgarian Occupation 1916 Not Included
  • German Occupation 1917-1918 Not Included

Romanian Post Offices in the Turkish Empire Not Included

Basic Facts:

  • 1861 Formed from Moldavia and Walachia
  • 1881 Became a Kingdom
  • 1948 Became a Republic
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