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Nigeria, Niger Coast 2024 Scott Catalogue Pages 359-374

Nigeria, Niger Coast 2024 Scott Catalogue Pages 359-374

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2024Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue
Volume 5A Countries of the World N-Phil
Released August 2023

Nigeria, Niger Coast
Pages 407-424
1914 to 2022
1914 #1 1/2p green to 2022 #902 Agro-Industrial Zones

Niger Coast Protectorate, 1892-1898

Nigeria, 1914-Publication

Listings Include:

  • Postage Stamps
  • Semi-Postal Stamps
  • Postage Due Stamps

Basic Facts:

Niger Coast Protectorate

  • Originally Known as
    Oil Rivers Protectorate
  • 1900: Incorporated into Northern and Southern Nigeria Protectorates
  • 1914: Northern and Southern Nigeria join to form the crown cololony of Nigeria


  • West Coast Africa
  • 1914 Colony Formed
  • Formed from union of
    Northern and Southern Nigeria
  • Territory Of British Cameroons was
    administratively attached
  • 1960 Federation of Nigeria
  • 1963 Republic of Nigeria

West Africa

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