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Ethiopia Abyssinia SHORT 2024 Scott Catalogue Pages 456-478

Ethiopia Abyssinia SHORT 2024 Scott Catalogue Pages 456-478

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2024 Scott Catalogue Pages
Released: May, 2023

Pages Carefully removed from
Volume 2B Countries of the World Cyprus-Funchal

Ethiopia Abyssinia SHORT
Pages 456-478

1895 to 2019
1895 #1 1/4 green to 2019 #1882 Animals

Ethiopia Abyssinia SHORT
Short Pages
Missing the Last Page
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Listings Include:

  • Postage Stamps
  • Semi-Postal Stamps
  • Air Post Stamps
  • Special Delivery Stamps
  • Postage Due Stamps PARTIAL
  • Italian Occupation Stamps NOT INCLUDED

Does not include
Page 5479:

  • Postage Due Stamps
  • Italian Occupation Stamps
    #N1 - #N7

Basic Facts:

  • Northeastern Africa, Republic
  • 1936-1941 Italian Occupation
  • During occupation stamps of Italian East Africa, Eritrea and Somalia were also used
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