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Bosnia Herzegovina 2023 Scott Catalogue Pages 519-584

Bosnia Herzegovina 2023 Scott Catalogue Pages 519-584

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2023 Scott Catalogue Pages
Released: April, 2022

Pages Carefully removed from
Volume 1B Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue

Bosnia Herzegovina
Pages 519-584

1879 to 2021
1879 #1 1/2n blk (type ll) to 2021 #659 Endangered Animal

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Provincial, 1879-1918

Republic, 1992-Publication

Croat Administration (Herceg Bosnia), 1993-Publication

Serb Administration (Republika Srpska), 1992-Publication

Listings Include:


  • Postage Stamps
  • Semi-Postal Stamps
  • Postage Due Stamps
  • Newspaper Stamps
  • Special Handling Stamps


  • Postage Stamps

Herceg Bosnia:

  • Postage Stamps

Republika Srpska:

  • Postage Stamps

Basic Facts:

  • Central Europe
  • 1879-1908 Province of Turkey
  • 1908-1918 Province of Autria-Hungary
  • Following World War 1:
    Bosnia and Herzegovinia united with the Kingdom of Montenegro & Serbia, and Croatia, Dalmatia and Slovenia to form the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
  • See Yugoslavia
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